©dilek birdinç kutzli 2012

The artist was born in Ankara. Graduated from the Painting Department of the Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts with honor degrees. Since 2002 she has been continuing her works in her studio in Bodrum/Turkey.


Artist Statement

I approach to art as a “researcher of the indicators that carry rich submerged meanings” We might put into words these indicators depending on the character of  the art form. They might emerge as a stone, clay, words or paint on the canvas.
Art is an objectivation of spiritual essences. I try to create images which directly refer to spiritual essences, in other words to the individual and collective consciousness. Therefore, every object is a type of expression for me, it exposes spiritual existences in a particular form. I visualize it not only as an object of perception but also as an object of thought.
I am living in Bodrum which is the crossroad of eastern and western cultures enriched by their often chaotic mixture. I believe, although the cultures seem different and complex, they really stem from a single source and should be evaluated as a whole.

Researching a splitted world and what I found there

The past ages were “paper” ages. May be that daily-life material which is our most important culture-carrier, will disappear in the future even in this century. So paper as the ancient material of the future creates the present series of my artworks.
I am collecting magazines and rubbish papers and and I cut strips from the papers that I produce myself. By assembling them, I try to unhide the hidden layers behind and in front of the human world. I gather the most ordinary and extraordinary daily life events  and I handle the collective consciousness as well as the individual one. In my art work I want to initiate the integration of a scattered world by making imaginative monuments on the canvases.


Dilek Birdinç Kutzli.